Avoid Hazards With the Use of Pesticides in Your Garden

Using pesticides can very dangerous and care should be taken to avoid hazards to your health as well as to the environment, always read the label and the msds sheets for any chemical you’re using in your garden. Any fruit or vegetables grown with the use of pesticides should be washed thoroughly before consumption. Some of the chemicals used in the manufacture of these pesticides can be very harmful if not handled properly.

If you are a grower, and have contact with pesticides be sure to use all of the safety precautions found on the material safety data sheet for the product or chemical you are using. Many of the chemicals require protection to prevent contact with your skin and eyes. Ingestion and inhalation are particularly harmful with these types of products. For Ingestion and inhalation contact poison control center or a doctor for treatment advice.

An accidental release and or spills can have a tremendously negative affect on wild life as well as contamination the water supply. If a large amount of chemicals have been accidently released into the environment in or near the water supply contact the EPA immediately.

Find the msds sheets for garden pesticides for disease and insects at www.msdsdigital.com

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