Gardening Ideas

The Green Kitchen: How To Make Your Kitchen More Green

hand in flourGoing green is all the rage these days, but what does that really mean? For many, it can seem like an out-of-reach goal that is only really pursued by the wealthy and well-to-do. Hybrid and electric vehicles are expensive, solar arrays are expensive, and you have bills to pay! Fortunately, there is a way to both go green and save money in the process: by going green in your daily life and your daily routines. Just take a look at what you do on a regular basis, and consider how you can make it greener. For example, your kitchen may very well have the biggest carbon footprint in your household; why not take control and green it up?

Front-Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas

Add beauty and curb appeal to your front yard with a sidewalk garden. Check out these front garden ideas that'll work even in the smallest of spaces.

Some of the best garden ideas use layering -- where you combine layers of plants that grow at different heights. This front garden idea is a great example; the white alyssum and purple-leafed lobelia in the front set the stage for taller tulips and butterfly flower, which are in turn backed by society garlic and a wall topped by glowing pink bougainvillea.

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